SOLO (2020)

SOLO (2020)

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A decade worth of touring my studio efforts all around the world (mostly solo)  I recorded this solo-acoustic album that features new songs as well as reimagining previously released songs. All recorded in front of a live audience at Southern Ground Studios in Nashville on 9/15/19 this intimate snapshot captures me in my element. 

SOLO is destined to be a fan favorite for years to come and if you consider yourself a Sam Lewis fan this is the album you've been waiting for! 

Track Listing
01  What Does It Mean
02  Southern Greek Tragedy
03  Bluesday Night
04  In My Dreams
05  I’m A River
06  Runaway Bride
07  Neighbors
08  Things Will Never Be The Same
09  Waiting On You
10  Virginia Avenue
11  I’m Coming Home
12  Never Again
13  3/4 Time
14  The Light
15  Everything’s Going To Be Different
16  The Only One
17  Talk About It
18  When Come the Morning
19  I Love You